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Identity theft is on the rise and data breaches are getting worse. It’s hard to fend off so many security threats. We’re here to offer solutions that give you security and peace of mind.


We've developed and selected the best products on the market, creating these unique plans.

ID Protection by Aol.

In today’s always-connected world, protecting your identity, finances, credit and good name is more important than ever. With company data breaches on the rise and a dramatic increase in the amount of data being exposed and collected by criminals and hackers, it’s time to take action. Start protecting your identity today.

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1 new identity theft victim
2 seconds.
Source: Javelin Strategy & Research, 2014
Data Secure by Aol.

The online world is full of hackers and emerging threats. We provide comprehensive protection against viruses, malware, trojans and keylogging schemes, for increased security around your valuable data and information. Now’s the time to lock it down.

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of U.S. adults were hacked in 2014. Source: US News & World Report, 2014


ID Protectionby Aol.
  • Get ID theft alerts
  • Monitor online reputation
  • Manage online passwords
$9.99 / month
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Data Secureby Aol.
  • Helps keep hackers away
  • Eliminate viruses & malware
  • Encrypts your wireless data
$9.99 / month
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Completeby Aol.

A combination of ID Protection and Data Secure - helping you to stay on top of all aspects of your digital life

$14.99 / month
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